Thursday, April 30, 2009

Everywun Haiku

Recently through Facebook I became aware of a web site called Everywun. The mission is simply to give every person the opportunity to make a difference. Last Saturday the founder of the site posted a challenge asking people to write haikus about their cause. A fellow Lewy Body friend sent out a message asking if anyone wanted to write a haiku about Lewy. I don’t think I have written a haiku since high school, but I gave it a try. Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry – 3 lines that consist of 5 syllables in line 1, 7 syllables in line 2, and 5 syllables in line 3. You can visit the Everywun sight here. Here are the two haikus that I wrote.

Be a volunteer
Fight Lewy Body Disease

Tangles in the brain
Lewy Body Dementia
Destroys those we love

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tamara,
    My Dad has Lewy Body Dementia and as I was doing some research, I came across your blog. Thanks for writing about Lewy- it's really helpful and does raise more awareness about this terrible disease.

    I blog about my family's journey with LBD at

    I'll continue to follow along with your blog.

    Kind Regards,