Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, oh Wednesday!

Wednesday, oh Wednesday here you are once again and oh how happy that makes me today. You know, when you work a 9-5 Monday through Friday job Wednesday comes crashing in with bells and whistles. It is the harbinger of the coming weekend and oh, how we love that! In the months since I quit my corporate world job I had forgotten about the joy of Wednesdays. In the last week, though, I have been working a “regular” job to help out a local company with some collections. It’s not hard work, just a lot of details. The people in the office are a fun bunch and things are going well.

Still as I sit here on a Tuesday night watching the NCIS premiere while Kitty Boy is curled up asleep in one of the new storage bins I purchased yesterday, I can’t help but be excited that the weekend is almost upon us. Speaking of storage bins, my Wilson loves any kind of box that he can curl up in. I had a Corona box that the local Chinese place used to deliver my order a while back and W commandeered that box quicker than I can say, “My Wilson loves any kind of box that he can curl up in.” (It’s okay, I can make jumps like this ‘cause it’s my blog!) I have since given the Corona box to some neighborhood kids who were looking for a bed for their kitten. I guess that means I will be buying another storage bin so W can have his own and I can still get organized.

As I drove home this afternoon from the library where I had to renew my library card, because who knew it would expire, I was followed by a Pepto Bismol pink Mack truck. It was quite the exciting time. I thought I would share that tidbit because it made me smile :-)

Oh, hey, the other day I was visiting over at The Sweet Life, saw a great craft idea and since I have been feeling rather crafty lately and I love fall I had to give it a try. Alisa makes the most adorable toilet paper pumpkins. You can visit her tutorial to learn how to make your very own pumpkins. Check out mine…..

So, have you read bird by bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott? I bought it a while back at the recommendation of a fellow writer. I started reading it and enjoyed it, but got caught up in something else and haven’t finished it. Lately, it has come to the top of the stacks of books by my bed and I have been reading it the last few nights. I have to say, this book is a gem regardless of your inclination towards writing or not writing. Lamott has an honest, shoot from the hip writing style and much of her writing advice comes in the form of life advice.

One of the chapters I read last night is called "Writing a Present." Several of her books began as a way to get her thoughts and memories of another person for that person onto paper. She envisions them as presents. I was entranced by this chapter because one of the questions I struggle with as a writer is my purpose – am I writing to make the Best Seller List or is there a deeper purpose? Those around me know that I want to someday write a non-fiction book about my mom. That book is still unwritten because I have had trouble figuring out what I want to say and who am I targeting.

As I read last night I realized that I was given the gift of being very close to my mom in the last years of her life since I was one of her care givers. Some families fight over who has to take care of elderly parents, but ours is different. I truly believe that my siblings were here as much as their lives allowed and would have been here more if it were possible. But, they have different purposes in life and they had responsibilities to their families. Also, a lot of adult care givers feel bitter that they have to give up their own lives to take care of sick parents. I felt honored that my purpose was to be there for them. It wasn’t easy, but I have some incredibly beautiful memories of times spent with Mom that I wouldn’t trade for an unencumbered life. Those memories are my gift and they are something that I can share with my siblings and with the world.

I’m still not exactly sure where this book is going, but the seed has been planted and watered. It is taking root in my heart and in my mind. It is growing and someday, hopefully soon, you will be able to pluck it off the shelf of your local book store and allow me to share my present with you!

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