Sunday, April 29, 2012

As One Devil to Another, by Richard Platt

Do you ever wonder how the enemy gets so good at what he does? CS Lewis pondered this question and came up with The Screwtape Letters. Now, Richard Platt has given us a current day version of Lewis’ famous book.
As One Devil to Another chronicles the training of new devil trainee, Scardagger as his Uncle and Mentor, Slashreap guides him in his first tempting assignment.  The mentor gently guides his pupil in all the skills needed to pull his assignment away from the Adversary and into the realm of the devil.

This clever and entertaining book reads very much like The Screwtape Letters. Platt has done an excellent job of addressing current societal issues that have a way of drawing us away from our Lord. The book is filled with the truth of the Gospel woven through the letters. As a reader I couldn’t help but envision my very own tempter sitting somewhere contemplating ways of dividing my attention. While enjoying the book, I was also convicted of things in my life that I have let slide.

Walter Hooper is considered the foremost biographer of CS Lewis. He has put his stamp of approval on this book.  In the preface he writes, “The narrative voice of As One Devil to Another is almost indistinguishable from Lewis’ own.”  

Lewis is a hard act follow and done in the wrong way, this book could have been a dull parody of the classic. However, Platt has managed to skillfully write a book that does honor to the original.  

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  1. I absolutely loved David Platt's other books.
    This one sounds like another wonderful read!

  2. This book is going on my Amazon wish list for my next purchase. Great review, Tamara!

  3. Lisa, you make me laugh!

    Mary, Thanks for visiting. It was so fun meeting you this weekend. I haven't read any of David's other books, but will have to after reading this one.

    Thanks Cathy! I enjoyed it very much and was somewhat convicted by some of it. My own tempter is getting read the riot act by his mentor for not finding a way to stop me from reading the book ;o)