Monday, September 17, 2012

Days of Mundane Faithfulness

What will you do in the days of mundane faithfulness?
This quote comes from Martin Luther, the German monk and professor of theology. I first saw the quote when my pastor’s wife began a new blog using this quote as her springboard.

Since I began reading her blog this thought has wandered around in my brain and my heart. It echoes through the quiet times and roars at those chaotic times when my faith is being tested.

The thing about this question is that it gets to core of faith for me. I’ve been asking myself, “What do you do with your days of mundane faithfulness, Tammie?” (Yes, I do ask myself fully formed questions and address myself by name, but that’s fodder for another post all together. Or perhaps a visit with a therapist!)

When I really consider my faith, I realize that in times of ease I put my faith on autopilot and don’t think much about it. In the quiet times I live as I will. I don’t ever think it consciously, but when life is easy peasy I’m like a toddler, “I can do it myself.”

Then the garbage disposal springs a leak or the brakes need to be fixed or my shoulder hurts like the dickens and suddenly I don’t want to do it myself, I want God to be there for me.

Since faith is all about relationship with God, this model really isn’t great. What kind of a relationship can thrive when one party only comes knocking when they need something?

It’s been sobering as I have mulled the Luther quote for the last few weeks. I know it’s way too common for me to not really live out my faith in those mundane days. And, that’s not the kind of Christian I want to me.

So, this week I’m asking myself, “Tammie, what WILL you do with your days of mundane faithfulness?”





  1. Now that has me thinking...Am I living mundane faithfulness? I could list our all the faithful things I do every day, but I think the key for me is, is my heart convicted in what I am doing...Let me ponder on that one.

  2. I agree, Lisa, the heart is the key to our mundane faithfulness.