Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Little Writer

Long ago, in a faraway land a little writer lived on the mountain of the Lord. She wrote her little stories and blog posts that came from her heart. And she was happy.

Over the years, life pressed in to her little valley and dropped hard boulders into her life. Slowly, her little home became hemmed in on all sides, casting darkness over everything, and she grew overwhelmed. Life dulled and dimmed, but she tried to keep going.

Then the rules and guidelines and suggestions rained down into her world. Good intentions pelted her, wounding that spirit within that made her want to write. She patched up the rough spots and plugged away.

Eventually though she grew weary and thought about giving up. But her Father wasn't ready for her to quit. He sent words of comfort and encouragement to bind up her heart. Because of His faith in her, the little writer began to fight for her little dream.

Listening to her heart, she was able to slowly move the boulders enough to allow the light back in. The shining light revealed how the rules, guidelines, and suggestions were not helping, but were instead hurting her. The faith of her Father in her dream gave her the strength to let go of all the was holding her back.

It's been a long road, but she is ready to put her words back out into the world. This time it will be on her own terms. She hopes that the words to come will encourage, entertain, or enlighten others.


Readers, I am that little writer and it's been a long time since I have ventured here to the mountain. I've been trying to do all the right things and be all the right things. I have felt stifled and frustrated. In the process, I lost sight of myself and my dream for my writing.

I am back though. I will be writing again on this little blog of mine. I don't know what the schedule will be yet, but I will be here on a regular basis. I can't tell you what I will be writing about, because it will be the things that are speaking to my heart at the time I'm writing. I hope you will come back and have a cup of coffee with me sometimes. If something I write resonates with you, please consider leaving a comment or sharing my blog with the people in your life that might appreciate it. Thank you for visiting here on my mountain!

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