Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Good Life

Tall grass surrounds him as he watches his prey. Slowing his breath to a steady, even rhythm he waits. The art of the capture is in waiting for the right moment. Carefully on silent feet he moves forward toward his goal. This time he is going to make the capture and come home triumphant!
Close enough now to smell them he decides it is time. Leaping up and pouncing, the jangling of his collar sends the birds and squirrels flurrying away before he is close enough to catch one. Dang this bling on his collar; gets in the way every time. How's a dog supposed to catch a meal with all these noisemakers attached to him!?!

Wandering inside he finds his breakfast hot dog and his dry dog food refilled. Oh, look, there's his four peanuts and dog biscuits. Ah, this is the life, even if he doesn't get to do true doggie things like catch his own dinner.

My sister often says that if reincarnation does happen she wants to come back as a dog in our parent's house. Scamp came to live with them late in 2001. He is their retirement child and he reigns supreme in their house.

This dog has his own doggie bed which rests atop his very own double bed in the room that is now called Scamp's Room. I think he has more toys than my two year old nephew. He gets a hot dog for breakfast, turkey bologna for lunch and table scraps and canned dog food for dinner. He sleeps most of the day and plays the rest of the day away. He has the run of the yard and tries to convince the squirrels and birds that he's the boss. Until he can catch one, though, they aren't buying it. Whoever said, "It's a dog's life hit the mark in this house."

Addendum: Shortly after I wrote this entry Scamp brought me a love offering...he showed up at the back door with a dead bird in his mouth! He looked so proud of himself :-)


  1. Susan said: I think Scamp is appropriately named, don't you?

  2. Renee said: Dang! Where do I sign up! :-) Love the beginning of this! :-)