Friday, July 6, 2007

Strong Foundations

"Do you know what today is?" Dad asked Mom this morning at breakfast.

"No," Mom replied.

Curious, because I didn't know either, I listened from the kitchen.

"It's the anniversary of our first date."

Forty-nine years ago they were both at a church picnic. Dad's sister, a friend of Mom's, wanted to go to the movies with Mom's cousin. Dad asked Mom to join them. Two years later they became husband and wife.

For almost half a century these two have stood beside each other. In this age of quickie marriages and even quicker divorces, theirs is truly an amazing story.

It hasn't always been an easy story. The years brought many moves, childhood illness, military separations and other struggles. Still they stood strong in their commitment to each other.

Recent events have shaken our family; those events can't break our family. When the storms blow, we batten down and ride it out. We have a strong foundation Mom and Dad have been building over forty-nine years. This is the legacy of love we have been given.

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