Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 - The Road Ahead

It seems that 2008 just started and yet here we are trying to remember to write 2009 on everything. My last post in November was titled “Time Flies” and it certainly does. It has now been just over a year since my mother passed away, it has been just as long since I have returned to full time employment and it has been almost two years since I started my website and blog. Time certainly flies.

As I began 2008 I decided to try something new and/or adventurous each month of the year. I managed to accomplish that for 11 months, although I still need to blog about October and November. I had some great times in my quest for adventure, but more important I learned some things about myself and life.

I found that adventure can be found in the most unlikely places. Adventure isn’t always an activity; I think it is more the way a person looks at life. As I searched for adventure I found excitement and beauty in life that I hadn’t seen before. I found that my eyes were open to life where they had been closed. Meeting that goal really gave me a new outlook on life.

My search for adventure brought new and interesting people into my life. For the first time I was seeing things in the people I met that I would have formerly missed. My desire to not let life pass me by enabled me to meet people where they were and learn from them. This was an unplanned aspect of my goal, but was one of the best outcomes.

For 2009 I am still trying to decide what my goal for each month is. I know how much this goal has the ability to open my eyes to new and exciting people, places and things. Whatever I decide, you can be sure I will be sharing my experiences here on my blog!

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