Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

This is one of those activities that are being passed around the web and via email. It kind of reminds me of slam books that were popular when I was in junior high school. I have recently been tagged on Facebook and wrote 25 random things about me. I found it kind of fun to think of things about myself that people may or may not know and I found it somewhat inspiring so I decided to write 25 random things here also. Feel free to join me and write your own 25 things; you might remember some things about yourself!

1. I am the second oldest of four children.

2. As I have grown older I find more and more things in me that are like my mother and father; it’s not a bad thing to be like them!

3. When I was in junior high I wanted to be a cartoon artist. I thought I would work for Disney when I graduated.

4. I have loved to read for as long as I can remember. One of the genres that I really enjoy is true crime and that perplexes me.

5. When I was a teenager (before I was old enough to drive) I couldn’t imagine learning to drive and thought I probably would never get my driver’s license.

6. Despite #5, I did get my license and found that I love to drive! Whenever I need to do any deep thinking I fire up the car and head out to the highway.

7. In 2000 I had a bad accident that Mom and I walked away from, but that stole my joy of driving for about 3 years. I have since gotten over my fear and my love of driving has returned.

8. I always imagined writing a novel some day. Now I am working to make that dream a reality.

9. There was an old washer with the roller and crank that was used to squeeze water from the clothes before hanging them on the line to dry in my grandparent’s basement. When I was about 10 I was playing in the basement of my grandparent’s house with my siblings and cousins. We loved to play with that old washing machine and on that day I was feeding something through the crank and my arm went with it. Yep, I rolled my arm in up to my elbow and then had to roll it back out. It felt like a wet noodle for a while.

10. My first major when I went to college was pre-med. I wanted to be a cardiac surgeon. Later, realizing I would not only have to deal with death on a regular basis, but would also be responsible for someone living or dying while I was operating I decided that probably wasn’t the best career for me.

11. I once was sucked into a little cave while tubing on the South Platte River. I thought for sure I was going to die down there and I screamed so loud my friends could hear me a mile downstream.

12. Despite #11 someday I want to go rafting on the Arkansas River.

13. I have never been a waitress. For a short time I was a hostess at Ihop, but drew the line at waitressing.

14. My first roommate and I had a mouse in our apartment. She named him Ben. He couldn’t stay because he totally freaked us out, especially the morning I got up around 3am to use the bathroom and there he was sitting behind the bathroom door.

15. Somewhere along the way I lost track of my first roommate and I regret that. I still remember how everything that summer was “Out of control!” and that was a good thing!

16. I have lived in two foreign countries and six states.

17. I played hand bells in the bell choir when I was ten.

18. I have never been very good at volleyball.

19. In high school I was a baseball manager and loved it. Last year I went to the Rockies Spring Training Camp in Tucson and was transported back to my high school baseball days. Today I drove by my old high school and as always I glanced over at the baseball diamond. There were enough geese on the field to make up a baseball team. I imagine they were working on their fielding skills.

20. My high school letter jacket still hangs in my coat closet and it has been 26 years since high school.

21. I never liked ice cream until I worked at Baskin-Robbins. Now I am an ice cream snob and am quick to tell people that Dairy Queen isn’t real ice cream.

22. For a number of years when my nephew was learning to talk I was nicknamed “Hammie.”

23. I love shoes and purses :-)

24. I have blonde hair and green eyes; my three siblings have brown hair and brown eyes. When I was younger a friend of my Mom’s once asked if I was adopted.

25. My grandparent’s farm is a century farm. Indiana honors any farm that has been in the same family for 100 years. Three of my cousins now run the farm since Grandpa retired.

Well, there you have it; twenty five random things about me you probably didn’t need to know. Please feel free to post a comment with random things about yourself!

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