Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cherish Life

In my friend’s office is a great picture taken on her wedding day. She and her new husband are in a beautiful old car. On one side her head and upper body are through the window and she has her arm outstretched and a magnificent smile on her face. On the other is her husband looking handsome and happy with a smile to match hers. That day they joined their lives together and faced the future.

Two days later her new husband became very ill; he had cancer and was given only six months to live. Nine years later her husband is still here although he has been very sick much of the time. There have been times over the years she thought she would lose him. There have been times when he has been unable to talk or move his hands. Nine years they have been married and for nine years they have faced his possible death each and every day. Thankfully at this time he is doing pretty well.

She revealed their story to me recently during a dinner out. I was surprised to say the least. As we talked she said to me, “I am so grateful that I have found someone like my husband to share my life with. And I have learned to cherish every day because I never know if it will be his last.”

Cherish every day, what awesome advice. Not all of us face such a vivid daily reminder of how fragile and fleeting life is and so we forget to cherish. I know I do. I forget to cherish the moments with my dad and with my siblings. I forget to cherish the amazing world God has surrounded me with. I forget that each day could be mine or my loved one’s last.

Today I am looking at life differently. I want to challenge you to join me in that. Don’t wait until something so terrible reminds you; cherish what God has given you.

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