Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't Forget Your Sonscreen

Independence Day dawned sunny and warm. When my sister called and asked if I wanted to hang out at the pool with her and the kids I jumped at the chance. Despite being very crowded we had a great time splashing and swimming. Only later when I changed into my street clothes and saw the bright red color of my shoulders did I remember the sunscreen. I had ventured out into the world without my sunscreen and now I am suffering the consequences.

Later I realized we Christians face a similar danger. The bright lights and the cool water of the world call to us. We live on an amazing planet that has much to offer in the way of fun and excitement. I believe that God wants us to enjoy this world we live in within reason. He wants us to be cautious during our travel through this world.

When we venture out into the world we need to remember our “sonscreen.” We find that sonscreen in our daily prayer life and Bible reading. It is the daily communion with God that protects us from the world. God will protect us if we remember to apply the lessons we learn from Him.

If we are not careful, our ventures in the world can result in heartache, pain, and disappointment. Forgetting our sonscreen can result in broken marriages, financial disasters, unplanned pregnancies, and devastated hearts. God never intended for us to venture into the world by ourselves.

God is here for us. We should stock up on His Word and His guidance so that we can apply it liberally to our lives. Full coverage by our sonscreen will help protect us from the dangerous rays of this world.

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