Friday, April 15, 2011


Photo Copyright Thomas H Fickas Jr, 2010

I first saw the deer in the cemetery shortly after my mother died. In those early days I would go to the cemetery often and just sit on her grave. As I sat there I one Saturday I realized that a deer had stopped across the way from me and was watching. He just stared for the longest time. I sat quietly talking to him as I've taken to doing with animals. I actually called one of the giraffes at the zoo baby one day while trying to persuade him to take a giraffe cracker. But that's a different post entirely.

The deer and his friends were just enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon. They didn't bother me and allowed me to take some poor photos on my cell phone.

Later when I posted on Facebook about my encounter I was told that some believe deer are messengers; that they bring messages from the great beyond. I can't sayI believe that, but I see deer in the cemetery a lot. The area is shaded and grassy. It's peaceful and beautiful. Can't say I blame them for wanting to hang out in such a peaceful place.

They, like ladybugs, make me think of my mom in heaven where she doesn't hurt anymore. She is clear of mind and the fog of dementia has lifted from her. I smile and think of her laughing and happy again. She had a beautiful smile and I can't help but remember that when I see the deer wandering through the cemetery.

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