Monday, December 12, 2011

The Week in Which I Thought There Was a Dead Body

Seriously, this week I wondered if there might be a dead body in one of the bathroom stalls at work. I realize it’s a gruesome thought and people think I have a warped mind when I think of stuff like this. I don’t know, it might be the novelist-in-residence that lives in my brain and is always turning normal, everyday things into plots and scenes. Or, maybe it’s because I read too much Steven King!

Anyway, here’s what went down. One day I was in the lady’s room and saw a pair of shoes in the back corner stall and for some reason I thought they had been there the day before. I know, I know, that’s weird also, but I refer you back to the above paragraph for explanation. That’s when the thought first came to me, but because I was embarrassed to reveal my weirdness I hesitated knocking on the stall door and asking if the occupant was okay.

I mean, can you imagine!?! There you are doing your business and someone pounds on the door, “Are you okay in there?”

So, I went back to work and forgot about it until the next day in the same stall I saw the same shoes! What a dilemma. I didn’t want to knock, but I was curious.

Then my logical side kicked in and realized that if an employee had left their desk and not come back to work for three days the gossip vine would have been ringing with the story. The next visit to the lady’s room revealed an empty stall and the whole sordid tale was done.

It would have remained quietly ensconced in my brain, but for some ridiculous reason I thought I should tell you about it.

Anyhoo, are you done with your Christmas shopping? I’m almost done finally. I made a couple trips later in the evening last night and got the out of town stuff so that I can mail it. And I found this while I was at Dad’s last night. I couldn’t resist. I had to shake them! It’s a lifelong habit!

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories? (Is this a weird question considering the beginning of the post!?!)


  1. HA HA!!! Have you noticed anyone in the office wearing those shoes?

    Ohhh my fav Christmas memory is when my sister and I would lay on the floor with our heads under the tree looking up at the lights and decorations. We played Elvis Christmas music on the record player while we did this.
    We marveled at the beauty of the tree from the bottom up.
    Magical :)

  2. Nope, haven't seen them :o)

    What a great memory of Christmas. My mom loved Elvis and his Christmas music always makes me think of her.

    Thanks for sharing, Kathy!