Friday, December 9, 2011

Who Gives a Poop!?!

Did that get your attention?  I thought it might.

So, why did I ask the question?

Because, quite frankly, it's not something we here in the first world think about. Indoor plumbing and bathrooms every are just part of life. In Haiti, though, not everyone has a latrine and that creates big problems.The lack of sanitary bathrooms causes health problems such as cholera, typhoid fever, worms, and hepatitis.

The answer to the question is Starfysh. This organization has been doing great things in Haiti. One of the things they have been doing is offering families who dig the hole they will provide the cement to create the base of a commode. They have had astounding response to this offer that will go a long way to bettering the conditions in Haiti.

You can read all about Starfysh's work in Haiti on their blog. And, if you feel so led, they could use some funds to help meet the need.

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