Friday, January 20, 2012

What Does a Porch Swing Have to do With Your Dream?

Have you seen the CBS show Two Broke Girls? I was surprised to find that I actually enjoy this show. 

The storyline is that Caroline was a rich, spoiled girl whose dad ends up in prison and she loses pretty much everything except her horse, Chestnut.  Max is a tough girl who is working two jobs and living in an illegal sublet. For fun Max makes cupcakes.
Caroline and Max end up as roommates after Caroline gets a job at the diner where Max waitresses. Later that night Max finds Caroline sleeping on the subway (I missed part of the early shows so I’m not quite sure where the horse was during this.) Despite her seemingly uncaring attitude Max takes Caroline home so she has a place to sleep.
They begin to develop a friendship and encourage each other. When Caroline finds out about Max’s cupcakes she sets out to help Max build a business. Max in turn helps Caroline deal with life without all the perks she once had.
On this week’s episode a new neighbor moves in upstairs and changes the status quo by playing loud music. The neighbor is a Polish immigrant who is running a cleaning business and saving money to build a house by a lake in Poland. She has a porch swing in her living room.
When asked about the swing she says, “The swing is for the dream house, but why wait? Dream is now.”
This episode made me smile and was a vivid reminder to not put things off. We all have dreams, but sometimes we need to live our dreams now. Maybe we can’t have the whole lake house yet, but we can have the swing.

Why wait? Dream is now. What can you do today to bring part of your dreams to life now?


  1. Hmmm, that is very wise. What a wonderful reminder. I think people who dream are healthier, too. They are looking forward. What do you think?

  2. I agree. I know I'm a much happier when I have my dreams in front of me. I think dreaming can help keep us moving forward.