Friday, January 27, 2012

What Three Words Describe Your Life Right Now?

A local radio station has what they call “Three Word Thursday.” They invite listeners to call in and give three words that describe their life at that exact moment in time. It is an opportunity to stop and evaluate on a micro level.

I was thinking about doing this on my Facebook to see what people would say. I haven’t done that yet, but it did cause me to think about my life right now.

So, here are my three words for right now:

Uncertainty. Anticipation. Growth.

There is a lot of uncertainty in my work life right now. Changes are coming. I am in a place of praying and waiting for God’s word on the changes.

The anticipation of what those changes mean is sometimes bad and sometimes good. Bad because I don’t like not knowing what is coming. I prefer to know and have a plan.This is a life long trait for me. I wrote about my issues with Christmas presents and waiting to open them here. Unfortunately that isn’t the way God works so I am learning to deal with the unknowing. It’s good because I believe that even when change is hard it brings growth.

I’m already seeing the growth in my life because of this. Little sprouts are coming up and that’s a good thing.

As I thought about these words and what they mean for the coming year I was reminded of the Ledges at the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower. Do you know about them?

The Ledge is a glass viewing deck that extends 4 feet outside the 103 floor observation deck. You can step out into the glass room and look straight down to the street 1,353 feet below you. Three sides, the floor and the ceiling are all 1 ½ inch thick glass. It is said that the Ledge can hold up to 3 tons.

The view must be incredible. It is a change of perspective. The thought of standing that far up on a sheet of glass that gives the illusion of standing on air gives me the willies. I have a fear of heights that is triggered even by looking at a video of the Ledge. I would, despite that fear, step out onto the Ledge and take in the view. I might put a death grip on the person nearest me, but I would do it. But I digress.

Stepping out on the Ledge requires trust that the thin layer of glass is going to support you; that you won’t plummet to the ground. And in return for that trust, you get to have a change of perspective that comes from stepping out on faith.

That’s where my three words have me right now. Standing on a thin slice of glass looking around. There is some fear, but the view is amazing and it is changing the way I think.

I would love to know, what are your three words?


  1. Change, Growth, Self-Discovery

  2. Great words, Lisa. Sounds like you are on journey similar to mine.