Monday, February 20, 2012

47 Things To Do In My 47th Year

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. ~ Helen Keller
 I'm a great fan of lists. And I'm a great fan of stepping outside my box and challenging myself.  In that vein I decided to make a list of 47 things to do this, my 47th year of life.

I did something similar in 2008 when I decided to try something new every month for a year. You can read about some of those adventures by clicking the "year of living adventurously" category in the category list.

Here is what is on my list. I have left out the most personal items which is why some of the numbers are missing :o)

1. Learn to knit
2. Finish New York Times Crossword puzzle without help and without Googling anything
3.Take 1 picture everyday for 1 month
4. Run a 5K
5. Paint my bedroom
6. Memorize Psalm 139
7. Visit my Grandmother
8. Submit my novel to publishers/agents
9. Enter Operation First Novel
11. Take a road trip to Grand Junction
12. Run the Alzheimer's Memory Walk
13. Write my mom's book
15. Read Jane Austen
16. Take an art or photography class
17 Plant an herb garden
18. See the Rockies play
19. Take a cooking class
20. Raise $1,000 for Lewy Body Dementia
21. Write an ebook
22. Attend Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer's Conference
23. Run a 5k in Hawaii
24. Write a screenplay
25. Make a movie
26. Submit short stories to contests
27. Hike the Manitou Incline
28. Climb a rockwall
29. Pursue applying to join the Daughters of the American Revolution
30. Make a quilt
31. Hike a 14er
32. Try archery
33. Go vegetarian for one week
34. Eat sushi
35. Visit one of the hot springs resorts
36. Learn to make origami cranes and make 1,000 cranes
37. Zip line
39. Take a zumba class
40. Visit the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado
41. Fly kites
42. Write one letter to my grandmother every other\ week starting 02/20/12
43. Shoot a pistol
44. Do a police ride along
45. Sew an outfit that I am actually okay with wearing in public
46. Try a food from a country I want to visit (country and food to be determined)
47. Visit Aspen, CO

and one for good measure courtesy of one of my many Amy friends....have my picture taken with a lacrosse player!

Some are very personal goals, but many are just things I have wanted to do and this seemed like a good time.

What about you? What would you put on a list of want to do things?


  1. That is a VERY ambitious list. It's like almost one thing a week! All good things...

    I'd like to skydive once. But, my husband isn't very enthused about it. He thinks I might die.

  2. Ohhh I'm excited to know when you mark these off and tell all about them! :)

  3. After coming through a demanding season my immediate list is more simple. I'd like to go out to eat, take a drive through the mountains, spend a weekend away.

    Of course there is still a big picture list that is more ambitious.

  4. I LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for taking the time to share them with us. I plan to take some time this weekend to consider my own list. :)