Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby Its Cold Outside!

The wind is howling around the house. The front glass door is covered in beautiful frosty snowflake designs that look like I have decorated for Christmas. For days now the temperatures have dipped down into single digits and then into negative digits. There is much talk on Facebook about how cold it is and can minus 2 actually be a temperature? Apparently it can because tonight the weatherman very seriously said, “It’s going to be 9 below, but I think these models are running a little warm so it will actually be colder than that.” To which I responded to no one in particular, “How can you use the word warm in the same sentence as 9 below?” Neither the cat nor the weatherman answered me.

With the frigid temperatures and snow the roads have been virtual skating rinks and I have been stranded in my house. Working hard, but stranded nonetheless. You’ve heard of cabin fever? I am pretty sure that if you Google it right now you will see a picture of me.

When I got done working earlier this evening I decided to begin work on a project I am making for a Christmas present. All the TV shows are reruns. I paid some bills. I ran the trash out to the dumpster and checked the mail all the while wearing flip flops…not a smart move since it is still the night the weatherman said 9 below was little warm. It’s okay though, I have feeling in my piggies again.

It’s not like I don’t have anything to do, but again, I have the cabin fever. So I was playing on the Internet tonight and decided to search for interesting words. I love words. I especially like words that tickle my tongue as I say them or sound cool when I throw them into conversations. Words like my co-worker’s favorite word – ironical. It just sounds good coming out of the mouth and causes a feeling of satisfaction. How about conqueror? This is one of those words that sounds like it means business. I love conquering things and being a conqueror.

So, courtesy of here are some other words to use to describe the current weather state. Frigid, gelid, frozen, freezing. Gelid – very cold, icy. Also arctic, glacial, polar. Baby its cold outside!!

In my search I came upon a web site called World Wide Words  and found some great words. Ones we have all heard like bodacious, discombobulate (another fabulous sounding word), and cheapskate. Here’s a few more to whet your curiosity:

Humicubation – lying on the ground, especially in penitence or humiliation. I laughed when I came to this one because the description that goes along with it started “Once again we are in the realm of inconsequential words whose tenuous hold on existence is maintained by people who create lists of obscure words for our enjoyment and edification.” So you see, I am not the only one!

Kerfuffle – commotion or fuss. When out on the lawn there arose such a kerfuffle I sprung from my bed to see…

Lippitude – which sounds to me like something a sassy teenager with an attitude giving his mom a hard time. “I am not pleased with your lippitude, young man.” But alas, it actually means soreness of the eyes. I had lippitude earlier today when I had my new bifocal contacts in for a few hours.

Macaronic – of verse consisting of a mixture of languages. I love the way this one sounds although I can’t think of time when I would ever use it.

Yep, cabin fever is running rampant right now. But now that I am done with my stultiloquy (foolish babble) I will sign off.

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