Monday, December 14, 2009


So, here it is Monday and I am sadly, forlornly postless. What can I say? Remember about a month ago when I was stressing out every reader out with my count down to Christmas? Sigh, it is now 10 days to Christmas and in my world there are no cards, no cookies, no wrapped presents. Come to think of it, there is a rudely lacking pile of presents. And, yes, pile is an understatement. How did I get so far behind!?!

Life, that is is how. It happens and sometimes with a venegence. I thought on and off all weekend about what tantalizing bits of intelligence I should post today for you, my dear reader. But, here it is 10:40 pm on Monday night and there is no post. I am brain dead after a busy day and a marathon 2 hour mind numbing meeting followed by a commute that included almost getting rear ended because of some yahoo towing a truck with another truck but not very safely. And then there was the whole man walking ON the very dark highway in dark clothes that almost got run over and very nearly caused this girl to have a heart attack. That was followed by a solid hour of trying to figure out how to create a list of the haves vs the have nots for  my very sweet coworker who needs the info but doesn't realize it's not been stored in any format that makes for easy retrieval and analysis.

There you have it, I am postless tonight, but apparently not whineless. I am very sorry; I will go to bed now and come up with something juicy and intriguing for Wednesday's post. Please say you'll forgive me and come back soon....

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