Friday, May 27, 2011

Circle of Life

A great man passed away on Wednesday. You won’t see his name on the Internet (anyplace other than this blog, that is) or hear about him on the national news. Still, this man left an indelible mark on this world.

Grandpa slipped into eternity after spending 94 years on this earth. He lived a long and full life. I wrote about him on his 94th birthday and shared some of the wisdom he imparted.

Ours is a large family and Grandpa has been a dignified but humble patriarch. His journey here has ended, but his legacy lives on.

Just a few weeks ago my cousin gave birth to the newest little family member. In a few more weeks another cousin will bring another child into our family. And, later this year a 3rd baby will arrive. These wee babes will only know their great grandfather through the stories we tell, but they will continue his legacy.

The journey Grandpa started years ago is far from over. We all continue to live it out. The sheer size of our family ensures that his life will influence others for generations to come. This is, as they say, the circle of life. As painful as it is to lose a wonderful man we know that the great things he stood for live on in the family.

Rest in peace, Grandpa. I’ll be seeing you again in eternity


  1. There is comfort knowing you WILL see him again but there is still pain for the loss of his physical being.
    I pray God comforts your heart with fond memories and the pain is softened by those moments of remembered love

  2. My friend buried his mom with these words, "I'll see you in the mornin', Mama." Referring to that "great getting up morning." His son buried him with the same words. "I'll see you in the morning, Dad." How blessed are those of us who have that comfort!