Friday, June 24, 2011

Glimpses of Heaven

I believe in heaven. I believe that someday I will be overwhelmed by its beauty. I don’t have the image of people sitting around on clouds eating chocolate. In fact, I don’t have a real visual of the “place” at all. There is so much that isn’t known about the afterlife. Still I imagine the peacefulness and sense of love and incredible beauty.

I also believe that God gives us little glimpses of heaven here on earth to entice us. I see it in the brilliant colors of a sunrise. I hear it in the sweet giggles of a toddler. I feel it in the hug of a family member. I taste it in juicy, plump blackberries. I smell it in the freshness after a rain shower.

Thoughts of heaven intrigue and encourage me. I love getting those little views of what it will be like.

What are your glimpses of heaven?


  1. Hmmm, I think heaven will be a lot like Earth just without all the evil and hate. It will be all the best that the world and people have to offer.

  2. I believe Heaven will be bathed in a glorious whiteness that doesn't hurt your eyes but is very very bright and very very peaceful. Neither of which can be explained but won't matter there.
    I'm ready!!