Monday, June 13, 2011

Gone in the Blink of an Eye

The cubicle sits ready for another days work. A clean coffee mug placed next to the keyboard. Reading glasses rest upon a stack of reports to be worked.

It was only a weekend of fun. Something they had done many times before. Two days of rest and relaxation and then return to the daily life on Monday.

The rest and relaxation ended in a tragic accident. Gone in a moment. The cubicle waits, but the occupant doesn’t return.

Life is full of unknowns and perhaps the biggest one is when our time on earth will end. None of us knows the exact day or time. God knows the number of our days and I think it’s a good thing that we don’t.

Some people ask, “What would you do if you knew you had only so many hours to live?” Good question, but I’d like to ask, “What can you do now since you don’t know when your time is up?” I, for one, want to know that when the time comes I’ve done everything I can with the time I had.

There are some things that I think are important in light of our uncertain time line:

  1. Make sure the people that you love and care about know that you do. Say “I love you” more. Treat those around you like today might be your last. 
  2. Don’t put things you really want to do or that are important to do off until tomorrow. Tomorrow may not come. Enjoy life now.
  3. Embrace God while there is still time. People sometimes say they have plenty of time to get with God. They’ll live their lives and then when older will make peace with God. Problem with that is we don’t know that there will be an older.
Life is short, live it today.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you are feeling better.
    Sorry for the loss of your co workers presence in such a sad way.

    What is that expression?
    Live every day as though it was your last.
    I think we would all be more loving if we would.