Monday, August 8, 2011

Long, Hot Summer

It’s that time of summer when the sun seems to beat down everything. The temperatures have been soaring and with them people’s tempers. The heat ripples and changes everything it touches. It has been so hot at times that I find the cat sprawled out in front of the evaporative cooler with his legs in the air. Sometimes I long to join him there.

(taken on my cell phone, so not great quality)

Along with the heat this year we have been very dry. Our winter was dry and that trend continued into the spring. Lawns are dry, brown, and crunchy. Rain drops were few and far between. Life is like that sometimes. We all go through periods of dryness and discomfort. Times when it seems the heat will warp us into something ugly and malformed.

Thankfully though the rains do come. In the last week we entered into what is loosely called the monsoon season. Mind you, it’s nothing like monsoons in other parts of the globe, but the rain has fallen. Last week we saw rain everyday and it was so very wonderful.

The refreshing rains have soaked into our lawns and souls. It has replenished and the green of new life is showing again. God is good that way; He provides renewal when needed.

You sent abundant rain, O God, to refresh the weary land. ~Psalm 68:9

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