Friday, August 19, 2011

Turtle Girl has a Friend

Turtle Girl has a friend. Do you remember Turtle Girl? I wrote about her here.

Turtle Girl and Peacock Boy have become friends. One day Peacock Boy told Turtle Girl that he is no longer a peacock.

“See, TG, I have this wig. I’m now a lion! You can address me as King because I am the new king of this zoo.”

Turtle Girl asks, “Why, PB, why do you want to be a lion?”

“Because the lion is majestic. People flock to the zoo to see him. He prances around his cage and the people ‘oh’ and ‘ah’. I want people to do the same for me. I can be just as good a lion as Lion Dude can.”

With that Peacock Boy plops the fuzzy wig on his head and parades around the zoo.

Turtle Girl watches as he preens and struts. The visitors stop and stare and laugh, then move on. Peacock Boy drops the wig and runs away.

Turtle Girl searches high and low to find him. She worries about him. Finally she finds him in front of Lion Dude’s cage. She hears lion as she walks up behind the boys.

“But Peacock, I don’t understand why you want to be me? You’re free to wander the zoo while I can only pace my enclosure. People can come right up to you in the park and are okay with it. If I were to be loose in the park people would run and scream. You have it made.” Lion Dude shakes his furry mane at Peacock Boy.

“Well, I can go wherever I want.” Peacock Boy nods. “But, people want to be you for Halloween. When was the last time you saw anyone being a peacock for Halloween? You are handsome and people are awed by you.”

Lion Dude looks over at Turtle Girl and the crowd that is gathering behind her. “Tell you what, PB. You know all those fancy feathers you’re dragging on the ground? Puff them up like you do. Strut your stuff. Be who you were created to be. Go ahead, do it now.”

Reluctantly Peacock Boy raises his tail feathers and turns around. Seeing the smiles in the crowd he primps and then struts. He busts a move and the crowd goes wild. Light bulbs flash as the paparazzi strain to capture him in all his glory.

Peacock Boy looks over at Turtle Girl. “They don’t even realize that Lion Dude is back there. They’re taking pictures of me!”

She winks. “See, LD was right. You are amazing just as you are.”

“You both are right. We are different, but that doesn’t mean he’s better than me. I’m gonna be the best Peacock Boy I can be and let Lion Dude be the best he can be.”

“Good plan, man.” Lion Dude roared his approval and the crowd cheered for both the boys.

If you don't do you, you don't get done and creation is incomplete. ~ C. McNair Wilson


  1. SO True!!

    I love this story also!

  2. Kathy, glad you like it! I have a feeling that Turtle Girl may have other friends that show up on the blog in the future.