Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cat Days of Summer

It’s the cat days of summer. Seriously, Wilson had to plop down, full out on the cool kitchen floor and rest in the middle of his dinner tonight because eating used too much energy and he overheated. Meanwhile, I melted and glistened and felt generally like doing nothing at all because of the heat. The thermometers all over town have been topping out in the 90s and in some places the 100s. Now I know that some places in the country have a lot more heat than we do and I know it gets serious for some people when it gets so hot. I really feel for those people.

One of the reasons I live where I do is because of the typically mild weather in this area. We get some really hot days and we get some really cold days but there aren’t many of those days and the ones in between are pretty reasonable. For instance, just tonight I heard the local weatherman on TV say that in 2009 we had only 9 days with temperatures over 90 for the whole summer. This year we have had 17 already. 17 I tell you is entirely too many in my opinion. The dog days of summer are not my favorite. Why, I would rather have my car battery freeze because it’s so cold than to swelter. By the way, that battery freezing thing shouldn’t happen again since I went out and bought a new battery when it happened last winter.

So, the Dog Days of Summer have us caught in their grip and it appears according to same said weatherman from the previous paragraph that this dog has no intention of letting go anytime soon. I very nearly swooned when I heard that tonight, but it was just too sultry to be melodramatic. Instead I whimpered and whined.

Did you happen to know that the term dog days of summer has nothing to do with real dogs? Oh, silly me, of course you did. My buddy Wiki says they actually are called that because Sirius is considered the Dog Star and was believed at one time to cause the hot weather. Ancient people also thought that evil things happened during the dog days of summer such as dogs going mad and people falling into hysterics.

Anyhow, I now interrupt this whine fest to bring you one good thing about the temperature that has been making me cranky. That one good thing would be dinners like this:

Okay, carry on with the maddness and hysterics!

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