Monday, July 12, 2010

Fairy Tales

I have always loved fairy tales. How could I not? My friends in high school often told me I lived in a fairy tale with two parents who knew each other forever, married young, and were still in love. Then I became a Christian and the analogy really fit. I mean, seriously, as a Christian I have been adopted into family of God. The Bible asserts that God is the High King. That would make me, wait for it,

 A PRINCESS, right!?!

This sign has hung over my desks at work for years and now hangs over the desk in my home office. It nestles there amongst other cherished memorabilia. There’s my college diploma. (I dropped out of college at 19 after my first year because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. It was always my goal and dream to finish my bachelor’s degree. It took 15 years, but in 1998 I finished my degree.) There’s my certificate from Sky Venture that I have flown in winds up to 120mph! And there’s my first published article.

Oh, but we’ve wandered off the path into the strawberry patch. I have enjoyed picking the lush, plump strawberry memories, but that was not the purpose of this post. Back to the topic.

I have always loved fairy tales and have written a fair amount of them in my past. While at the Junior College I re-wrote Cinderella for an English assignment. I was in the midst of a women’s libber stage so I will spare you that one. But, I thought I would share with you this one that I wrote in 1998 while living in Oregon. So, pull up a chair and let me tell you a story!

Happily Ever After
A Fairy Tale by Tamara D. Fickas
Copyright 1998

**Any similarities to any person, either living or dead, are purely coincidental.

Once upon a time in a land far away, by the great sea, there lived a beautiful princess. Her name was Princess Albania and she was a happy princess. One day, while walking through the meadow, she came upon a frog sitting on a log.

“Hello Mr. Frog.” The fair Princess gently stroked his back. “How are you today?”

“Oh sweet princess, I have been turned into a frog by a wicked witch. And here I’ve sat for so many years waiting for someone to come along and break the spell.”

Well, Princess Albania, being a caring princess, began to think of ways to break the spell.

“Hmm, maybe a mirror on the wall can break the spell. No wait, that won’t work. Maybe an enchanted apple.”

The frog cleared his throat. “My dear, maybe a kiss from a beautiful princess is just what I need.”

Albania thought it was worth a try so she bent down and kissed the frog on his little head, right between his beady eyes.

A sparkling cloud of dust erupted and the frog became a handsome prince. He bowed deeply and kissed her hand gently. “My love, you have broken the spell of the witch and my love is yours for life. I am Prince Paylay from the kingdom of Reccos. I must return to my kingdom to let my people know that I have been saved but I will return and we can be married in the town of Sal Sagev. Have no fear Princess, for I will keep you safe from the one armed bandit in the town of Sal Sagev. After our marriage we shall return to Reccos and be supported by the King and Queen and we shall live happily ever after!”

So away he went and Albania went back to town. The days went by and her charming prince did not come and did not send a message. Finally, when hope had dwindled, he returned and she was elated.

That night they dined by candlelight and Prince Paylay told her of his travels and all the interesting people he met. He pledged his love to her again, but alas he must return to Reccos. This was his busy season of killing dragons. They ended the night cruising by the lake in the moonlight in her chariot pulled by the royal horses, Honda and Civic.

The days turned into weeks and the princess began to hear rumors around town about an evil prince had turned himself into a frog to catch an unsuspecting princess.

“But surely it can’t be my love, Prince Paylay.” Albania sighed. “He is so sincere, sweet, and loving.”

When Paylay returned, the princess questioned him about his travels. It appeared that Paylay was no longer fighting dragons but instead, partaking in merriment and laughter with his friends in Reccos. Albania asked him to stay with her but he told her, “I’m a busy man and everyone wants a part of me. I will return for you soon.”

Princess Albania began to see that she had been duped. Prince Paylay was the Evil Prince Paylay and he was using her for his own evil purposes. Albania was no longer a happy princess, she was a princess bent on revenge. She devised a plan. Now all she had to do was wait for his return.

The next time Prince Paylay came to town, the princess asked him to take a ride with her. So they saddled up Honda and Civic and rode down to the lake. As they approached the lake they passed an old beggar woman on the road. She gave Paylay a small bottle of magic syrup. He was to drink the syrup by the lake and then everything he touched would turn to gold.

Little did he know that the beggar woman was actually the town sorceress and this was a spell to return Paylay to his amphibian state as soon as he got wet after drinking the syrup.

Down by the river Princess Albania watched patiently as Paylay drank the syrup. Then she slapped Honda on the flank. Honda reared up and dumped Paylay into the lake. Albania picked up the little frog and put him in her bag.

Frog legs for dinner sounded like the perfect end to a perfect day ;~)

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