Monday, July 26, 2010

My Boy, Tom

Have I told you that I adore Tom Hanks!?! Well, if not, let me tell you now….I ADORE TOM HANKS! The love affair started in the early 80s before he was Big (pun intended! I crack myself up!) In those years he starred with Peter Scolari in a short lived sitcom called Bosom Buddies. I saw him on the show and quickly realized the shaggy curly hair reminded me of my current high school crush and so it began. Over the years my enchantment has grown.

Some would say it’s an obsession but I do so love my Tom. I have seen all of his movies including He Knows You’re Alone, his first movie role which lasted about 7 minutes. I have named my kitty cat, Wilson after Tom’s best friend on the island in Castaway. And, when I bought my truck last year I had to give it a rough and tumble name. My sister came up with the winner. She had just bought a fancy hybrid so she named her fancy new toy Buzz Lightyear and christened my wheels Sheriff Woody or as I call him, The Sheriff.

As any adoring fan would I originally started collecting his movies on VHS.

Since technology is a fickle lover I soon had to begin re-collecting the movies on DVD. I have not yet been wooed to join the Blu-Ray hysteria.

And there is my favorite Tom memorabilia which hangs over my desk.

I saw this picture in a local antique/flea market store. It thought it was a little steep for my budget at the time and so I waited and I visited. Then for my birthday I received a gift certificate to the very same store and a check. I had just enough money and at my birthday dinner with my family proclaimed that I was going to bring home Tom the very next day.

My niece said, “I don’t think it’s there anymore Auntie Tammie.”

Sure enough the next day I rushed in and there in the place where Tom had hung was a big ol blank wall. I was devastated but vowed to get over it.

A few weeks later I stayed with my niece while my sister took a trip with her husband. On the Saturday before their return we were driving and passed the story where Tom had been. T said, “I wonder who bought the picture.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Then she innocently said, “There was a guy there when momma and I were there. He really liked Tom. I bet he bought it.”

“Change the subject.” I was in no mood to wonder who had my Tom. She was just rubbing salt in my wound.

The next day when my sis returned T was very excited. She said, “Can I give it to her now?”

Lo and behold, my sweet, adorable sister had purchased the picture as a thank you for babysitting. I love my sister! And Tom has hung over my desk for the last 8 years.

Just recently I began following the Tom Hanks on Twitter and can I say that my little heart was twitterpated!?! (Okay, I know, but I never promised you I wouldn’t be corny at times.) He tweeted a lot during the filming of his current movie, Larry Crowne, which is due out in April 2011. It was very cool to get pics and updates from the set as the movie was being created. Technology really has come a long way. Back in the 80s I had to wait to hear information about Tom either on TV or in magazines; now it comes to me on my cell phone with just the click of a button.

Yes, my admiration runs deep and long. I imagine as a little old lady in the assisted living facility I will still be googly-eyed about Tom Hanks!

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