Monday, December 27, 2010

Are You Called?

Are you called by God? I used to think I wasn’t. I mean, I knew I am chosen and all that, but called!?! Moses was called to build an ark, David was called to slay a giant, Mary was called to birth the Savior. I’m just an everyday girl, why would God call me?

Moses wasn’t a celebrity or even a sailor. David was just a little shepherd. Mary was just a young girl. God called them as He calls each of us. Granted, He called these three to great things, but for each person in the Bible who had a big role in God’s plan there were tons of people called to smaller things.

The truth is we are all called. The other night as I read in Isaiah I was suddenly aware of how many times the Bible tells us we are called in just the three chapters I read. Just because our purpose isn’t to slay giants or birth the Savior doesn’t mean our purpose isn’t important.

Have you seen the movie While You Were Sleeping? In the movie Lucy works in a subway toll booth and every day sees tall, handsome Peter come through the gates. When on Christmas Eve Peter is mugged and thrown onto the tracks Lucy jumps down and saves him. In a later scene the two are talking about heroes and Peter declares Lucy a hero for saving him. He says he has never done anything heroic in his life. Lucy replies that he gives up his seat for someone in the train each day. He says that’s not heroic to which Mary replies, “It is to the person who sits in the seat.” Even the little things are part of God’s plan.

God calls each of us in different ways. Each of us is given talents and opportunities to fulfill our call. Our dreams and purposes may seem small, but nothing is small in God’s economy.

How are you called by God?


  1. Great post..I'm on a journey to figure out this exact question. This is also why I'll be doing the Daniel fast at the beginning of the new year!

  2. Thanks Karina! I've pondering this subject a lot lately. What a great idea a Daniel fast is to help put things in perspective. I pray God gives you insight during your fast.