Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moonshine Marley Part 3

Marley could feel his heart racing in time with the truck engine. He pushed the old jalopy as fast as it would go. “Come on baby, don’t fail me now. We can out run old Vinny.” Looking in the rear view mirror he saw Vinny’s Model T gaining on him. He yanked the wheel hard to the left to turn off the main road. Gravel spit from beneath the back tires. When Vinny’s car hit the back bumper the truck jumped. Marley’s hands slid from the wheel and the vehicle plummeted into a ditch. Marley pushed the door open and crawled out.

Vinny stopped his car, jumped into the ditch and pulled Marley to his feet. “You little weasel. Look what you did to my car. You’re gonna pay for that. You’re such a stupid idiot; you didn’t even have enough common sense to run somewhere’s I couldn’t find you. Headed straight home like a little pigeon. I knew right where to find ya. And now I’m gonna kill ya.”

“Yeah, well, not if I kill you first. Besides how you expect me to pay for your car if ya kill me?” Marley’s fist connected with Vinny’s chin.

“You ain’t got it in ya, ya little rat. When I’m done with you, you’ll wish you’d never been born. But you’ll pay for my car while you’re wishing it.” His knee connected with Marley’s stomach forcing his breath out in a large burst.

Marley fell to the ground where Vinny promptly kicked him. Vinny continued to kick until Marley’s body lay still. “There. That’ll teach you.” Vinny ran back to his car and drove away.

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