Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Broken Heart

I had a post all written to post today, but things have changed.

Today I attended the funeral of a three year old boy. Yes, you read that right; he was just three years old. This came suddenly, out of the blue. He'd had a cold or flu and his mom took him to the ER on a Sunday afternoon. While there he stopped breathing and despite the best efforts of the doctors and nurses they weren't able to bring him back.

His grandmother is a dear friend of mine and has supported me in so many ways over the years. She was there for my family when my mom fell and then passed away nine days later.

When I heard about this sweet boy I knew I had to be there for his grandmother, my friend. My heart broke as I sat in that chapel and looked at her Stinka Boy's smiling face. Tears flowed freely as I witnessed the outpouring of love for a little boy who was called home to heaven way too soon.

I am a basket full of emotions right now. Sadness, love, anger, grief all mingle together. I can't imagine how hard this is for this boy's mom and dad. I hurt for them as they face life with a piece of their heart missing.

The post that I wrote started with the words "the incomprehensible happened last week."  After attending this three year old child's funeral I walked away thinking we shouldn't have to have funerals for three year old children. They should grow up and live long lives.

The question asked at times like these is why? Why would God take someone so young?  I don't have answers for that question. But, the Bible says our ways are not God's ways. We can only trust that His ways are best. Someday, when we all get to heaven, maybe we will understand this better.

Until that time this family chooses to go on loving and living. Hard as it is right now, they are choosing to believe in life and the faithfulness of God. I join them in that choice and I pray for strength for them.

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