Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, today I…

Recently one of my writing mentors has been publishing excerpts from a diary she kept as a young girl. It’s fun to walk down memory lane with her even though I didn’t know her back then.

Posting old diary excerpts is not something I would do. Well, better put, I can’t do because keeping a journal is not something I have ever done.

Gasp, I know! When people hear this some are shocked since I’m a writer and by nature many writers are also journal keepers. But, I’m not, never have been.

Several years ago another writing mentor suggested I keep a journal. He even recommended a very good book about the subject. I read the book and tried to journal. It just didn’t take.

I don’t know why I can’t journal. I’ve started many times but it always falls by the wayside eventually. In my closet I do have several mistrials that I go back and look at occasionally. And that’s about the extent of it.

I love journals. Actually I love all office supplies. I’m just a geek that way. I even wrote about my love of office supplies. Every time I go into a store I gravitate toward the journals and notebooks. And often I’ll buy one or three or four. Sadly, they languish half used in my closet because it just doesn’t seem to be in my genes.

So, there you have it, my sordid confession of being a non-journal keeping writer type.

What about you, are you a journaler? If you are, what kinds topics do you journal about?

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  1. I journal about everything. It's usually a (sorry) puke it out thing. I get it out in the journal and not in someone else's face! Ha!

    I write inspirations, dreams, visions, what I fixed for supper that didn't go over! I asked my daughter what I should do with all of my journals - get rid of them before I die? She told me to let them do it. Right. Then they get to read the goods on me and them! Ought to be interesting for them - huh!

    And ... uh ... if you decide to clean out blank journals ... hint! LOL!