Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When God Calls, He Provides

The voice on the radio interview sounds young, but there is wisdom and strength in the woman behind that voice. NPR recently featured a story on Katie Davis. You may know Katie from previous posts I’ve written about her.

Katie’s heart is tuned to God. She gave up an easy life in the States to travel to Uganda after she fell in love with the people of the country. The children have stolen her heart and she is changing their lives.

This story on NPR didn’t turn out quite like Katie and Amazima Ministries had hoped. Instead of focusing on what the ministry is doing, it called into question the legality of her family. You see, Katie, at the mere age of 22 is the foster mom of 13 Ugandan children. Despite what her detractors think she has complied with Uganda law in seeking guardianship and adoption. From the start she has been forthright with the courts and they have thus far approved her guardianship requests.

Some say that she shouldn’t have so many children, but the future of these girls was dismal without Katie. They are orphans and children whose parents couldn’t take care of them. They faced a life in institutions full of other needy children. Or they faced life on the streets. Now they have a mother and siblings. They have a roof over their head and three meals a day. They are loved and cared for.

Yes, Katie faces many challenges. Yes, she is young. Yes, there are probably times when she wonders how much she can do. But, Katie loves God and she knows that her strength comes from Him. She knows that for some reason He has called her to this life. She has found joy in this calling. Even in the midst of the hard times she knows joy.

You can read or listen to the NPR story here.

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