Friday, November 4, 2011

1,000 Gifts

10. yesterdays Wordless Wednesday is one of my gifts...that's Mr. Magoo. He's my niece's kitty. It was this sweet little guy that convinced me I needed a kitty boy of my own.

11. a beautiful covering of snow yesterday morning that brings moisture to the earth

12. the amazing scenery of this semi-arid land I live in

13. peaceful evenings at home

14. a wonderful group of women who share my passion to spread encouragement through written words

15. my trusty Sheriff Woody (also known as an SUV) with his all-wheel-drive to handle snowy, icy mornings

"To fully live - to live full of grace and joy and all that is beauty eternal. It is possible, wildly. I now see and testify. So this story - my story. A dare to an emptier, fuller life." ~Ann Voskamp in 1,000 Gifts