Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Grand Teton National Park


  1. So gorgeous. I want to break out in song..."Home, home on the range..." ;)

  2. trying to find a place to leave you a personal note and can't so I will leave this here for you:

    Have you thought about publishing a book?

    Regarding your potential book..... 2 fellow Christian writers that I have known for several years now are feeling led to start a Christian publishing house.

    They approached me about publishing my devotional (Teresa moderates World Wide Bible Studies and has seen much of my writing for way over two years now - through that, we talked and one thing led to another and we have talked on the phone - and written countless e-mails, ANYHOW....

    (Sorry, buzzer went off and had to get banana bran muffins out of oven and start steaming Chinese veggies for fried rice dinner)

    OK anyhow, the 2 couples Ken and his wife (McCreless) and Teresa and Art Ortiz have been in prayer and have started a publishing company. Teresa is the editor and Ken the business guy - they both are powerful writers with incredible stories of God's salvation and grace in their lives. Teresa has been a women's ministry speaker and leader for years. Ken was born in 1962 and I think T is in her mid 40s but not sure.

    They prayed and are doing something different in publishing - making "packages" available where you submit your work (see the right hand side Mission and Services and then the part about submission guidelines too - well, you will want to read the whole website (they are not finished with it yet)

    You will see there are different "packages" available should you be selected for publication. One is totally no money out of your pocket. They edit, they market (amazon, Barnes and Noble, kindle and hard copy and their site etc.) Teresa's devotional is coming out Dec 6th. I think my book will be their second one and timing on that is to be determined.

    Ken was a respiratory therapist (we have chatted on medical things) and the Lord told him to go full time into writing/publishing....

    Anyhow, check out the site and their "packages" and see if this might be something you'd be interested in?

    You can copy and paste the above "address" into your search engine.

    Let me know what you think?

    Blessings to you!