Friday, February 19, 2010

Catching and Flying

A pastor recently preached a sermon that touched people enough to have someone email it out to a group of friends. I received the email in which the pastor was quoted as saying that when you reach a cliff you can step off knowing that God will either catch you or teach you to fly. What a great thought. Either way, you can step off that cliff because God will take care of you.

This really resonated with me because my life the last few years has been a series of cliffs. In 2007 I was laid off and went through a period of unemployment. At the same time my mother was battling a disease that was stealing her from us a little at a time. It was a hard time, but God caught me. He held me in the crook of His arms and carried me through.

2008 came and with it a return to the company I was laid off from the year before. It also brought a promotion which involved extra responsibilities and a long commute. From this cliff God chose to teach me how to fly. Like a momma bird He pushed me out of the nest, but He was there to bolster my confidence and pull me back up if I forgot to flap my wings.

I am again standing on the edge of a cliff and I think God may be nudging me out of my nest of comfort. My wings were tested and proved worthy. God was faithful and so there should be no fear, but there is fear and the desire to stay right where I am. Is God asking me to step out on faith? I am not sure yet, but if He is I have much evidence that it will be okay.

Catching or flying, God is there. The Bible tells us we can trust God; He is faithful. It is hard sometimes to step off the cliff. Our human nature wants to stand on firm ground. God wants us to step. He wants us to trust. He wants us to know without a doubt that He is faithful. The only way we can get to that point is to step off the cliff.

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