Friday, February 12, 2010

Tales from the Crazy Cat Lady

It has been quite a week and I sit here watching Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains yearning for Friday and the start of the weekend. It is so close I can smell it. Ah TGIF!

Survivor is one of those shows I keep saying I am not going to get caught up in each season, but so far I have been unable to avoid its siren song. This season they have brought back all the great people (yeah, hurray!) and all the evil ones (boo, hiss.) I’m a sucker for a hero like Rupert or Tom. I am hooked again and have already begun the cheering and the jeering and it’s only 20 minutes in.

This week brought with it a scratchy throat that grew into a hacking cough which resulted in an alternately husky and squeaky voice. My boss got tired of the hacking about 4pm and told me to go home. It was not something I argued with for long. I was looking forward to getting in my old sweats and curling up on the couch. As I drove out of the parking lot the geese behind the parking garage were pecking around looking for a tasty morsel for dinner.

One goose raised his head and looked at me with a look that pretty much said, “Leaving so soon? The work day isn’t over yet.”

To which I promptly replied, “Yep, boss man ordered it so back off with your accusing look.”

I am pretty sure he then turned to his buddies to alert them to the fact that I was sneaking out. But, I wasn’t really sneaking out at all since the boss said so. Anyway, I didn’t stick around to debate the point.

Heading over to the highway I noticed a guy beside me just talking up a storm. I think he was trying to make it look like he was on a blue tooth headset but I am pretty sure he was just talking to himself. I know this because I do the same thing!

The sky was overcast and dreary but as the sun set in the west it cast a slight pink glow on the clouds to the east. It was beautiful right up until another hacking fit disrupted my reverie.

Then as I sat at the stoplight on my second to last turn….the left before the right….a FedEx truck roared through the light trying to beat the red and my little old Sheriff rocked back and forth. Thankfully, he was able to stay on all four wheels and we didn’t land on our side. Stupid FedEx truck.

Urgh, by the way, I am not a fan of evil Russell on Survivor. He is quite the jerk. And, he reminds me of an ex boyfriend who shall remain nameless, but if you are reading this you know who you are! Sorry, that’s reality in my world.

Have I told you all recently how much I love my kitty cat? Not recently, you say? Well, let me remedy that.

I have the sweetest kitty boy ever and we just are so perfect together. I might be a crazy cat lady, but I don’t want to share my love so there will be no other kitty cats in this house And just so you know, I wave the crazy cat lady banner proudly!

Anyway, tonight I was sitting here reading the paper – quietly I might add since there weren’t any real flaming letters to the editor that I needed to send my response to out into the cosmos. In the midst of my nightly perusal of the news I hear a horrible racket from upstairs. Really, having a four year old kitty is much like having a four year old child.

“Wilson, what are you doing? Don’t make me come up there.” I croak in the general direction of the stairs.

Quiet for a few minutes and then I hear it again. Almost curious enough to go upstairs I wait. It happens again and suddenly the light bulb appears over my head and I laugh. Dub has found a door stop behind a door. You know the springy kind with a little knob to stop the door from slamming into the wall. He was having a blast whacking it around!

Just now my adorable boy came over all sweet and doe eyed acting like he wants to cuddle. No dice, buddy, I am wise to your tricks. As he stands on my chest I have a blip of a dream I had in sixth grade. I got really sick overnight one time and dreamed that I had a 50 lb. turkey sitting on my chest. I spent a week in bed with that cold.

Of course, that story led me to remember the time in 3rd grade when my Girl Scout leader sent me home with a note that said…..

….and I told Mom, “I need 2 lubs of hamburger for Girl Scouts next week.” I, of course, have yet to live that one down since my siblings will occasionally drag it out and tease me.

But back to my kitty boy. I was wise to his tricks. He didn’t want to snuggle with me; he wanted to snuggle with the purring, warm lap top which makes it hard to write. He’s now sitting just there giving me the cold shoulder. Oh, but I love my sweet boy!

So, that’s it; my world today in less than 1,000 words. Thanks for stopping by and you all come again soon!

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