Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Secret Pal

So, I was working on a more serious post for today, but it's not quite done yet. It needs to percolate a little more before it hits the big time and gets posted.

In its stead I decided to share with you some gifts my secret pal has left for me. I don't know who this pal is or why they have decided to give me gifts so I can only imagine it's because of my sparkling personality, fancy wit, and incredible intelligence.

About two weeks ago I came to work and found this little sand castle tucked back on the shelf on my desk. No note, no explanation. I sent out an email to the department thinking it had to be one of them, but no one will cop to it and if anyone knows who is doing it they are not letting on.

I have made jokes about this one saying it was probably given to me by my boss and that it probably has a "manager cam" in it so he can make sure I am working.  Honestly though, I have no idea and it's driving me crazy.

Today, I came back to work after several sick days working from home and I found this handy dandy little foot massager someone left for me. Again, no note, no explanation. I am tempted to call in CSI to see if we can get fingerprints. You all might recall from this previous post that I don't do well with suprises.

Also today I found this on my desk. It's not from my secret pal since my coworkers were quick to tell me who had put the cupcake there originally and I recognized the handwriting. This note made me laugh out loud!

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