Friday, February 5, 2010

Haiti Update

It has been 23 days since the earth shook. Life has moved on. The news value seems to have faded as people have to look deep in their papers and surf the channels to find any information on what is happening.

But, for the people who are still waiting for their loved ones to be found the world has stopped. They still wait for any bit of news.

David is still missing and his family is missing him. There are still many people who were in the Hotel Montana at the time of the quake that haven't been found.  The teams from Haiti, Canada, France, Mexico, US, and other countries continue working side by side on the recovery. They often have to dig and move rubble by hand. The areas left to search are unstable and the progress is slow. I imagine it must be excrutiating for them as they are eager to find news for the waiting. They go about their work with the utmost respect and concern.

Elsewhere in Port-au-Prince people from all over the world are working to distribute food and other necessary items. They work everyday to make sure the Haitian people are taken care of so they can start rebuidling their lives, but there is so much to do.

Please remember to keep the missing, their families, and all of the Haitian people in your prayers.

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