Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Of Frogs and Hogs

For years everyone has known that February 2 is Groundhog Day and we all know that if old Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow we will experience six more weeks of winter. But, did you know that January 30 is Ground Frog Day!?! Yes, you read it right and it’s not a typo. According to the Snohomish Ground Frog Day Official Web Site, Snohomish Slew is the true prognosticator of our weather and so old Punxsie should just get used to sharing the lime light.  Legend says that if The Slew emerges from the ground on January 30 and sees his shadow winter will continue another six long weeks.

Regardless of the battle between the frog and the hog to be THE nation’s weather animal they both agree this year….six more weeks of winter weather. I know, it’s not a welcome thought right now for some folks who are being ravaged by the snow, cold, and ice but the ground folk have spoken.

And yes, it’s a true statement that some people have hard feelings about this whole thing. Today my favorite author, the very sweet Jennifer Valent was seen to have posted on Facebook that she “is very bitter towards a particular groundhog right now.” But, never fear, Jenn has ways of dealing with this and one friend supported her by suggesting she kill off old Phil in her next book!

Unfortunately, and to the surprise of many, my winter so far here in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains has not been bad at all. But, because I can feel your pain I decided to share this picture to help you all remember that spring will come and life will be good again.


  1. Thank you for that lovely reminder that spring will eventually get here! All the same, I am seriously considering the killing-off-the-groundhog-in- my-next-book suggestion! (And thanks for calling me sweet!:)

  2. You're quite welcome and if you need help brainstorming how to get read of the varmint in your next book I can offer my services :-)