Monday, January 3, 2011

Giants in the Promised Land

Caleb was a man of God and when sent by Moses as a spy to the Promised Land he came back and gave a good report. The land he saw was verdant and luscious. Granted, the people were strong and the cities were fortified. Still, Caleb knew that God was providing this land and He would keep the Children of Israel safe. His fellow spies on the other hand were fearful and lied to the Children of Israel. They feared the strength of the people and their fortified cities.

In Numbers 14 Joshua and Caleb plead with the people to accept the Promised Land. They tell them it is flowing with milk and honey. They encourage the people that God will bring them into the land and protect them. But the people cannot be convinced. Their fear and lack of faith overwhelm them. Because of this God declares none of them will ever step foot into the Promised Land. In verse 24 God tells Caleb that “because he has a different spirit in him and has followed me fully” he will live in and inherit the land. After 40 years of wandering in the desert the Israelites were on the doorstep to greatness and they let their fear hold them back.

The start of a new year is full of new possibilities. It seems a logical point to re-evaluate and re-direct your life. Are there promised lands in your life? What is holding you back from stepping foot into your dreams? I can tell you this, I have read Numbers 14 and of two things I am sure.

First off, there will be giants and strongholds. God doesn’t promise that we will never have to fight for what we want. Anything worth having is worth putting in a little effort. Oftentimes, it is the things we fight for the hardest that change us the most. You don’t have to fight alone. God does promise to give you strength to hold off the giants. He will give you what you need to break down the strongholds. The Bible is full of God’s promises to be there with you. You have to take the step of faith first and He will then supply what you need to succeed.

The other thing I know for sure is that if you put your faith in God and follow Him into the Promised Land you will be able to partake of the milk and honey. Life with God is sometimes hard; life is just that way. But a God given dream is verdant and luscious. It is worth the work and the hard times. When you faithfully follow the path God puts you on He will bring the dreams to fruition.

Today, I want to encourage you, don’t be like the Israelites, take hold of your dream and trust that God will protect you and give you what you need. He is faithful. Sure the giants can be fearsome, but there are rewards for having a different spirit. You can wander through life or you can fully trust the Lord to lead you into the Promised Land. This year I plan to experience the fullness of taking God’s hand and following Him into uncharted territory. What about you?

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