Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Writing Spa

Writing can be solitary work. You've heard of the reclusive writer who churns out books without ever leaving the comfort of their home? I often want to be that writer. There are days when I could just hole up in my little house and not see another soul. In some ways the Internet and social media make that worse because they make it easier to not have to leave the house. But there's more to writing than just sitting down at the computer and banging out words and sentences.

Much of writing comes from the life we lead in the "real world." People, circumstances, and scenery all fuel the creative process. Writing articles and books of substance means that the writer has to have some grasp of the world as it is today. So being a reclusive writer just isn't realistic for most people.

One of the things I have come to love about the Christian writing world is that so many authors, publishers, editors, and agents are more than willing to help a beginning writer. They put themselves out there to make the path easier for someone else.

Mary DeMuth is one of those authors. Through her blog and The Writing Spa she offers coaching, encouragement, critiquing, and mentoring. Right now she and her fellow Writing Spa mentors are offering a fantastic giveaway. Check out The Writing Spa Giveaway on Facebook. Hurry though, it only lasts until midnight EST tomorrow!


  1. Great! I have 2 books to finish this year (ahem..and start) so this is perfect. Thanks!

  2. Hi Tamara,
    Love your website....I stumbled upon it when I googled Lewy Body Dementia "images" :) I live here in Co. Springs, and we have a lot in common. I would love to talk with you, my email: Blessings, Marika

  3. Karina, so sad neither one of us won the "spa package" but such is life. Good luck with your books.

    Marika, thanks for visiting. I just sent you an email :-)