Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend in Review

Happy Monday Readers! Hope your weekend was good. Mine was busy, but that’s pretty much the norm for everyone these days.

I spent the evening Friday with my dad. It was my weekly clean his house time. That means we usually talk for a couple of hours before I actually get to the toilets and floors. We talk about things that happened at work. Well, I guess I should say that I talk about things at work ‘cause he usually can’t get a word in edge wise when I’m talking! Dad and I have good conversations about politics and religion. While we think a lot alike on many things he often says things that really make me think. That’s a good thing. Let me tell you, if the president and congress would listen to me and dad they could fix the problems of this country pretty quick.

Saturday started bright and early. It was a weekend day when I woke the cat up instead of vice versa! He usually has to work pretty hard to get me out of bed on the weekends.

Speaking of getting me out of bed….when I have something important to tell Wilson and he’s not paying attention to me I will put my hand under his chin and lift his little face so he can look in my eyes and see how serious I am. The other day he was trying to get me up to feed him breakfast and I was ignoring him. Finally he reached over and put his paw under my chin to lift my face. In other words, “Listen to my words Mommy, this is important.” He’s done it twice again since then. That’s my boy.

Anyway, Saturday was a brilliantly beautiful morning in the shadow of our mountain. The sun shone and the air held just a bit of a chill. My friend Renee and I headed out to the park to walk in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. You all know that since my mom came down with dementia this battle is very near and dear to my heart. This is the fourth year the Lewy Ladybugs have walked to fight dementia. It’s a nice brisk walk on a fall morning and it supports a great cause.

Saturday night is always my night with my dad. We go to church and then do dinner either at my house or his house. This tradition started when Mom got to the point that she couldn’t go to church. I would stay with her and Dad, my sister and the kids would go to church and bring home communion for Mom. Then we did family dinner. This tradition is something that we have continued and now that my sister’s family moved out of state it’s just me and Dad. I look forward to Saturday nights with Dad.

On the subject of dementia, did you all hear about Pat Robertson and how he believes that because Alzheimer’s is a sort of death and that divorcing a spouse with it is justifiable!?! I have to say that I about fell out of my chair when I first read this. I can’t believe that a man who purports to have studied the Bible would come up with this conclusion. Life isn’t fair and marriage is tough. People make a vow to honor in “sickness and in health.”

Yes, it is true that dementia is a sort of death because your loved one is often gone long before their body gives out. But, they are still the person you married. I walked alongside Mom and Dad through this and I have to say that watching my father was one of the most amazing things ever. His love never wavered. He gave up large parts of himself and his life to care for Mom. It was the most beautiful and tender things I have ever witnessed. I know it had to kill him inside every day, but he continued on. He did it because he loves my mother and he made a vow and he stood by that vow even when times got tough.

I am disappointed that a man of faith would say such a thing and advocate divorce. He really needs to take a look at his heart and his priorities. I pray that if anything horrible were ever to happen to him that his wife, DeDe has more compassion and commitment to her marriage vows than he seems to have.

So, that was my weekend. How was yours?

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