Friday, September 9, 2011

Where Were You That Day?

Do you remember where you were that day ten years ago?

Here in my world that Tuesday dawned sunny and warm. The sky was an amazing shade of blue as I drove to work. It started as any other day in a string of days. Work beckoned and after work various duties around the house.

The light of that morning belied what was about to happen. Before I reached the office the brilliant hope of that morning had parted and a darkness descended on our country. It became a day of fear, tragedy, and despair.

My heart ached for those whose lives were intimately involved in the terrible events of 9/11/01. I tried to imagine what it was like for them but knew my imagination couldn’t touch the horror of what they were going through.

The evil of that day couldn’t triumph over the spirit of the American people. In the midst of the chaos and fear people put their lives on hold. They gave until they could give no more. They did what needed to be done to help.

Yes, we were all changed that day. It is my hope that as a nation we will never forget those who were lost. I also hope that we won’t forget what this great nation stands for and how we pulled together in those dark moments.

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