Friday, March 26, 2010

8 Common Types of Dementia

Recently someone told me something as if it was new information; they apologized for not telling me sooner. This person is busy and had mentioned it to me in passing. When I gently reminded them of that they said, "You know I have dementia."

The thing is this person doesn't have dementia. They are a normal, over busy 40 something and just didn't recall telling me. It happens. I know because it happens to me. Once a friend told me, "I love that story every time you tell it."

People tend to over simplify dementia and classify it as memory loss. In reality it is much more than that. And, there are different types of dementia that present differently. Some dementia causes short term memory loss while other forms cause people to forget how to do every day things. The type and cause of dementia makes a difference in the symptoms.

Today I was sent an email that had a link to a short article on 8 different types of dementia and their differing symptoms. You can read the article here

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