Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fruit Salad

I couldn’t help but notice something while I was cleaning my bathroom recently. It contains enough fruit to make a fruit salad! I bet if you check it out you might find the same thing in your house…unless, of course, you’re a guy with no females populating your space. I think the fruity stuff is definitely a girl thing.

Seriously, I never really paid attention before, but as I moved things and cleaned, the fruit salad began to take shape. Mango-pomegranate, mint-green tea, banana-coconut, fig-brown sugar, warm vanilla sugar, and that’s just in the shower. On the shelf I found more cucumber-melon, peach, vanilla latte, pomegranate, pink grapefruit. Heck, even my generic, everyday lotion has a “light cherry almond scent.”

I know there has been research done about scents and how we react to them. This really isn’t a post about that. It just kind of amazed me how many different flavors I had going on. More fruit happening in my bathroom than in my kitchen!

So, there you have it. Just what you have been dreaming of reading on this here blog…..a fruity tour of this very important room in my house. Thanks for humoring me :-)

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