Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Car Wash

Just to be upfront and honest, there is no purpose to this post other than "because I can."

While much of the country is still dealing with massive amounts of snow we have had just enough here to make the roads a sloppy mess during commutes. The Sheriff (also known as Sheriff Woody, my wheels, and Auntie Tammie's Big Truck) has been filthy for the last few days. And yes, Thomas, if you are reading this I know The Sheriff is just a girly little SUV and not a true big old truck like yours, but he's five and if he wants to call it that I am okay with that :-)

I went to get a car wash on Saturday but the one near my house was closed. So today I had to run out at lunch and take care of some errands. With a few minutes extra I decided to finally get the dirty thing taken care of once and for all before it snows again later this week....just enough to make a mess again.

Here are some pics I took while sitting the car wash. I mean, really, what else is there to do during that time!?!

Make sure you stop!

First pass with just water

I love the colored foam :-)

Oh pretty!

Yep, more colored foam.....

Just before the end.

If you are still reading....thanks for joining me in the car wash.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Did it smell like bubble gum? I went through one with colored foam that smelled like bubble gum. A treat for my eyes and nose :)

  3. first post deleted for spelling errors :-/

  4. LOL, I do that too Kathy, go back and delete things when I notice spelling errors.

    But, alas, there wasn't a bubble gum smell....I was robbed!