Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let's Put Our Brains Together and Support Brain Research

Barbara Hutchinson's husband, Bill had Parkinson's Disease with Lewy Bodies. During the last years of his life she decided to quit her job and take him out of the assisted living facility to care for him herself. They set out across the country in an RV to spread the word about Lewy Body Dementia.

She created the film Living With Lewy for the 2010 Neurofilm Festival. She tells viewers that the film was created while they lived their life. This film shows some of the progression of Lewy in her husband. It also gives a clear picture of some of the obstacles caregivers face day to day such as helping their loved ones move from wheelchair to chair, bed, etc.

Barbara is working to encourage people to get involved in the fight against brain disorders. In the film she says, "Let's put our brains together and support brain research." I second that!

Thank you, Barbara for sharing yours and Bill's journey.

Voting for the Neurofilm Festival closes on March 17, 2010. You can help us bring attention to this horrendous disease by viewing and ranking this film and the film What I See.

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