Monday, August 23, 2010

Farm Blood Runs Through My Veins!

I've said this over the years, but only in recent years have I really begun to appreciate my roots. Dad and I recently spent a week in Southern Indiana where he and Mom grew up and most of the family still lives. It was a great trip full of history and beauty.

During the week I was intrigued by old barns, farm out buildings, and old houses. These places just seem to be living, breathing the history of our country and the people who lived and worked there. Fueled by facts and stories that Dad and others told me my imagination took over and soon I had characters and story lines running through my head.

Here are some of the buildings that fed into my stories that will someday find themselves on a computer screen exposed for all the world to see.

This first one is a picture of my Grandpa T's granary that still stands on the homestead.

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