Monday, August 16, 2010

Ode to a Little Cabin in the Woods

Oh little cabin in the woods how I love thee.

Traveling the winding road in the woods to reach you,
Fills my heart with anticipation.
My soul wells up with peace and joy,
As the trees give way to the first sight of you.

There you stand all wrapped in a hug by your portico,
Fans spin lazily on the ceiling, Insects serenade humanity.
Your porch has seen late night laughter, stories and beer.
Only to wake to calm, quiet mornings in the sun
Of reading, praying, meditating, enchanting.

Inside your walls I find rest, retreat, renewal.
The solitude you offer fills my spirit and energizes.
Here it is always Christmas, even midsummer,
With an evergreen proudly displaying its merriment
And no regard to season or month.
Truly you are a vacation in and of yourself.

Not Timothy, the turkey, standing sentinel
In the living room year after year,
Nor the deer skulls hanging in the tree outside,
Not even the lizards that rest in the shade of the veranda.
Can damper my enthusiasm for you.

Trees encircle you and provide protection
From the outside world, from hustle, bustle and stress.
Inside their green walls you wait.
Always with open arms for the world weary
And tired. You offer contentment so willingly.
Yes, little cabin, I do adore you,
And often long to return to you. Many thanks
Go out to you and to Kev, such a gracious uncle,
One who ranks high on my list, for forgoing your charms
To allow me some respite, For sharing you with me.

Oh little cabin in the woods how I love thee!

I spent a week in the heartland recently and was immersed in family history, but also our nation's history. I have some stories to share with you and so I will be doing that this week. This little ditty was written about my Uncle Kevin's hunting cabin which is tucked away in the woods near my Grandparent's farm. I love this cabin and Kevin is very generous to allow me to stay there when I am in the neighborhood.

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