Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome Home

Around the world Sunday morning is a time when families get up early, dress in their best clothes, and head off to church. For some it is a time honored tradition. For some it is a time to see all their friends. For some it is a time to learn and grow in the Lord.

Acts 2:1 encourages the reader to not forsake meeting together. Since the days Christ walked this earth His followers have met together to pray, to encourage, and to learn. This time of fellowship and study is important to the life of the Christian.

This Sunday morning I found myself sitting in the same pew in the same church I have attended for years; except for the last year that is. When life got busy, when my time was limited, and when things got tough I pulled into myself. My faith community always came from the church I have attended since late 2000. In pulling away I missed that community and I felt its absence although I tried to deny that.

I’ve struggled during the last year. Much of that struggling was done in solitude since I wasn’t keeping up with friends and I didn’t want to tell my family how hard life was for me. You know, life is hard for everyone so why should I add to their burden? So, I retreated into myself when I could to try to re-energize and renew. On the Meyer’s Briggs personality profile I am as much of an introvert as a person can get. I gather my energy from being by myself. It is my MO to want time to myself when I am stressed or frustrated. But, that quality isn’t always the best thing.

There is sweetness in my soul after returning to church this week. I was welcomed with open arms. The prodigal daughter returned and my friends didn’t care that I had been away; they were just glad to see me again. I sat there and was enthralled with the singing, the family life updates, and hearing the Pastor speak. It was an incredible feeling and I wondered why I had stayed away so long.

I forgot about Acts 2:1 and the importance of community. I plan to keep this lesson close to my heart in the months and years to come. So, on Sunday mornings if you need me you will more than likely find me there in that pew meeting together with other Christians.

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